Our mission

Our mission is to see as many people, in the shortest amount of time, conform to the image of Christ. Our strategy is really quite simple:

1. Create a base for ministry

Redemption is here to take the Gospel outside of the walls of the church to the place where ministry happens, the world.

2. Preach the Gospel

Jesus made a very simple, yet profound command "Go". At Redemption the Gospel is our consuming passion, and we will do whatever it takes to reach the lost for the glory of God. Our motivation is the love of Christ and the reality of a Christless eternity for those who die without Him. All of our ministries will be considered an outreach. If the Gospel is not tied to everything we do, then we have missed the point of our mission.

3. Baptize Believers

At Redemption we believe that baptism is a very important step in the new believers spiritual growth. Baptism is the outward symbol of the internal work that took place when we were saved. After someone has accepted Christ we will educate them on the importance of this ordinance and give them an opportunity to act upon it.

4. Discipleship

We will "teach them to observe all things" starting with the basics of God's Word and then educating them with the meat of the Word. There will be ample opportunities to disciple others through weekly Bible Studies and by serving on one or more of our ministry teams.