Ministry Teams

Here at Redemption in the fall of 2017 we launched four ministry teams that will help us touch our church and our community.  We encourage all new and long-time members ages 13 and up to discover their spiritual gift or gifts and then sign up to participate in one or more of our teams.  Within these teams we will also develop ways for entry level servant hood.  Please contact our pastor if you would like more information

  • First Impressions

    Becaome a greeter, usher or work in our welcome center!

    Our First Impressions Team shows hospitality to every person that walks through Redemption's doors.  As you serve on the Blue Team you will be on the front lines of RBC's Ministries. 

  • Missions-Evangelism

    Do you like to help plan outreach events or get involved in Mission Projects?  If so, our Green Team is for you.  This team will help drive our evangelism efforts in many ways.  Green is for the "Go" in the Great Commission.

  • Fellowship

    Do you like to help church members sit down and enjoy a meal together?  Do you working in the Kitchen? How about helping Gods' people enjoy one another in fellowship?  If so, our Orange Team might be the team for you.  Join this team and be a blessing to others!

  • Worship

    Are you a singer?  Do you get along with a computer and power point?  Do you have a good ear for sound?  Our Red Team seeks to help everyone worship through music, singing, video, sight and sound.  Come join a team that needs your creativity and talent!