Sunday School Groups

Sunday School is an important part of your growth. Each week we gather together at 9:45 AM to study and dive into the Word of God together as a church family. Our classes are interactive and we encourage you to ask questions. It is a time for us to learn and grow in our walk with Christ.

  • Babies

    We provide care for your little ones during every service at Redemption. Our experienced staff will care for your child (birth to kindergarten) so that not only you will enjoy your time in Sunday School, but they will too! This is a time for your children to learn about our wonderful God. They are just not babysat during this time, but are taught the Word of God on their level.

  • Kids Bible Study

    Our goal every single week is to simply teach your child about God in a way that they can understand; we want them to know that God can always be trusted, that they can make wise choices, and that they should treat others the way they want to be treated. First through Sixth Grade.

  • Teens

    Our Student Ministry is where teens in Junior and Senior High (7th-12th Grade) connect with other teens and learn about God. RBC welcomes teens from all backgrounds and walks of life. We desire to encourage our students to be Christ followers, worshippers, and lovers of God's Word. It is our prayer that students will always walk away challenged and equipped.

  • Young Adult Class

    Young adults, young professionals, single or couples: this is a specialized class just for you. Not only is this a very important time in your life, but it can also be a very confusing and scary one. And the path you take now will help to shape the kind of person you will become. You can be 100% confident that you are making the right choices for your future when you turn to the Word of God for guidance.

  • Adults

    Through our Adult Class on Sunday morning, you will grow in your faith and knowledge of the Word of God. You'll make life-long friendships with other Christians who are dealing with the same life issues that you are. You'll experience, with others, the joy of seeing God's Word opened to you in a setting that has been prepared with your stage of life in mind.